School Complaints Procedure


Schools are complex organisations, dealing with lots of people. It goes without saying that concerns and issues may arise for which you need reassurance or a solution. When a problem or concern arises, your first point of contact is the class teacher. Teaching staff are happy to see you on a daily basis or you can make an appointment to see them which is mutually convenient. Teachers are happy to explore any issues you have, properly and thoroughly.


Sometimes, concerns remain and it is then that you may wish to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Miss Holden (AHT)  – Early Years and Key Stage One, Mrs Melling (AHT) – Key Stage Two). If your issue remains unresolved, the Deputy Head (Mr Houghton) or Head Teacher (Mrs Hurst) would be your next port of call. They are happy to help find a solution to any difficulty you may have and appointments can be made through the school office.


School follows the local authority’s policy and procedure and has set time scales and deadlines which we adhere to stringently. Should you still feel that matters have not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may refer your problem to the Chair of the Governing Body in writing.  A full copy of this procedure and other formal documents are available from the school office.  Copies can be made, but there is a small charge to cover costs.


Our SEND complaint procedure is outlined in the schools SEND Policy, including the contact details of the support service, SENDIASS, for the parents of pupils with SEND. 


The school does not tolerate verbal or physical aggression.

Any parent/carer, who is verbally abusive to either staff, children or another parent, will receive a written warning. Continued verbal abuse will result in a ban from the school site. Physical abuse or aggression will result in an immediate ban from the site and will be reported to the police and to the local authority for action.


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