Behaviour Policy

Formulating our school Behaviour and Discipline Policy

What the law says:

  • The head teacher must set out measures in the behaviour policy which aim to:
    • Promote good behaviour and respect
    • Prevent bullying
    • Ensure pupils complete assigned work
    • Regulate the conduct of pupils

 We have endeavoured to do this within our Behaviour policy.


Ethos of Leigh Central Primary School

In our school, we recognise the importance of every individual and their needs, and how these are balanced both within and outside the school community. We promote an ethos and systems which recognise and support both the needs of the individual, and of the class, to achieve, be safe, happy and to enjoy their learning. It is also intended to support those who teach and guide the children to learn and participate, to do so with warmth and confidence and without threat or obstruction.


We aim through this policy and our practice, to

  • Encourage consistency and fairness in approach
  • Have a structure and framework which is understood and used by both pupils and the adults who work with them
  • Outline our expectations of what is and what is not acceptable
  • Give clarity on rewards and sanctions
  • Challenge and encourage the best pupil and staff behaviour and relationships


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