What are Governors?

Governors are a group of people who make decisions about how are school is run. They meet at least twice a term to support the Headteacher in leading and managing the school. The role each Governor plays is high valued in the successful running of Leigh Central Primary. 


Governors are appointed to help:

  • decide what is taught and monitor how well it is taught
  • interview and select staff
  • they have legal duties, powers and responsibilities
  • can only act together, not alone
  • set standards of behaviour
  • work with staff to set school priorities
  • decide how the school budget is spent

 School Governors are:

  • Parents
  • Staff representatives
  • Community representatives
  • Local Authority representatives

Parent Governors:

  • have a child at school
  • is elected by the parents of the school
  • serves, as do the other Governors, for four years 

How to become a School Governor:

  • Vacancies are advertised on the Wigan Council website
  • The Council's School Governor page has information about the role of a Governor and the application process (click the link above to visit the site).

If you are interested in the longer term aspirations the Governing Body has for the school please click here to view our Governor Strategy.


Click the image below to see who our Governors are.


Click the image below to see details of our Governor roles, responsibilities and meetings.