Class Dojo

We use Class Dojo for our home-school communication.

Class Dojo is a free app that connects teachers with children and parents to build classroom communities. It can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet on the app, or through a desktop browser.

There is a secure messaging system in place where parents can connect with teachers, pastoral or admin staff privately about school work-related issues.

If you haven't already signed up for Class Dojo please do so by asking your class teacher for an invite code. 


Please read our Class Dojo policy found on the Policies tab. 

Class Dojo is easy to use with a child-friendly interface. 

Posts can be translated into 35 different languages in a web browser or IOS device. Unfortunately NOT using android at the moment.

For further information about Class Dojo can be found here. Please be aware that not all aspects that you may see on the Class Dojo website will be in use at our school. We are not using the Dojo points system because we have our existing behaviour management system in school (Golden Coins and Rainbow Rewards) which works well for us. 


Check out these Class Dojo videos below to show you how it works: